Monday, February 22, 2010


Okay folks, I'm a wee bit pissed off. I've been up since 3:30 am and it is now 4:57. Living in Shanghai is in some words; exciting, polluted, noisy - what NOISY?!?!? Yes, NOISY.

I've had this cough for about 3 weeks now and well, I didn't want to keep Mike awake - he has to go to work every day, if you know what I mean. He needs his rest to be at top form to be able to deal with the people in his office who don't speak to him in English. His command of Mandarin is even less than mine and that is saying alot.

So, I've been sleeping in the back bedroom so he can get a full night's rest. It still doesn't work because he usually gets up about 5 anyway.

Tonight though at 3:30 am they started with the jackhammer and I had about enough. I called downstairs and woke Tim up - So sorry Tim! BUT darn it - Mr. Chen says that if you call the police, the police will make them quit. So I called Tim and he was sleeping and I'm sure I woke him from a sounds sleep - he's in the Lobby so he would not have heard it - there are stores on the other side of his area that would have muffled the noise. So sorry Tim.

Anyway - after about 30 minutes - the jackhammering stopped. NOT because Tim sent the doorman out to check it out but because they were done.

You see, they are working around the clock - and I mean AROUND THE CLOCK to get this huge city of 21 MILLION people ready for the World Expo 2010. Every street has been dug up (or so it seems) and pipe laid and God-knows-what-else-has-been-laid so that they can pave the streets and make it absolutely beautiful for the World Expo.

Everyone has suffered sleepless nights because of World Expo - I sure hope it's worth it. . .

I'm going back to bed now that I've vented!

Good night.