Friday, April 24, 2009

Walk in The French Concession

Good evening,

Monday was the day I got to meet CeCe's sister Carol and her friends, Ann and Amy. Carol is from Wisconsin, Ann is from New York and Amy is from Connecticut. They are lovely ladies and I felt like I'd known them forever.

Yvette took us to the French Concession and we all enjoyed it immensely. We found ourselves at Joffre Terrace where the famous writer, Ba Jin. We walked a little further until we came upon the home of Xu Guangping, the editor and his wife, Lu Xun. We walked to the Astrid Apartments that consist of 8 floors and 40 apartments - it was built in 1933.

We saw a lovely building owned by the Chinese government but the suites there can be rented. Lovely antiques - some shown here - I loved the red trunk and the screen.

It was a warm day - lots of sun and we moved along to Fuxing Park where we met a lovely older couple near the Rose Garden here. Not many blooms yet - maybe in a few weeks - The gentleman was writing calligraphy on the sidewalk with a long pen with water in it. Just as soon as he would finish writing a character, it would disappear. His wife told us that he took up this art about 3 years ago but we thought he was an expert. She said he had a career as a designer in Shanghai. Their only child, a daughter, now lives in New York City. Her mother told us proudly that she has a 4 story home. They lived with her for two years. The older woman didn't like living in New York. She couldn't talk with her neighbors;even though her husband had learned a little English. They moved back to Shanghai because "the leaves were falling from the trees". Which meant she wanted to be home in her own country when she died. What lovely people they were.

Yvette told us the story of Mr. Du who was the "Mafia" person here in Shanghai back in the day. He was into prostitution and even had his own opium den. He had a few wives and many children. We saw his garden - see above.

After the walk, we went to Pearl City where I finally finished my Chinese Charm Bracelet. It is one of my proudest accomplishments. I got this great idea when Denice told me about the charm bracelet her mother had made for her when she was young. I decided that I wanted to make a charm bracelet with all the good things I've found here in China.
I went to Pearl City months ago after I met Valerie who owns a little shop there. She's a lovely woman who sells her beautiful sterling silver and gold-plated jewelry at the American Women's Club and Shanghai Expatriate Association Coffees. She had a wonderful chain and I bought some wonderful charms - a map of China to anchor it and a little heart-shaped locket with a key - it sort of reminded me of Mike; you know, like the "key to my heart". Valerie had those two charms soldered onto the chain and off we went in search of additional charms.
In the past few months CeCe and I've been to the Commodity Market and the Science and Technology Market scouring the shops for sterling silver charms. I have found some great ones and the bracelet is now complete - well, maybe I have space for one or two more items but it is basically complete and I'm taking it home to show my Mom and Kate. I think they'll like it too!
There are no photos of it in this posting - I want it to be a surprise. If you want to see it - post a message for me and I'll create a blog posting later next month - after I've shown it to them.

Walk with Yvette


Last Friday, CeCe, Denice, Ellen, Jane and I went on a walk with Yvette. She was born and bred in Shanghai and moved to Chicago when she was 16 to complete school there. She went to college there and met her husband and when he was working on his PhD at U of Illinois, she got her Masters in International Studies. She's a fascinating woman and I'm sorry to say, she'll be leaving Shanghai in July for Boston. She is presently final edits on a book she is writing to be published in June. I will make sure to pick up a copy before she leaves.

When she moved back her 3 years ago with her husband and 3 children, she decided she would learn everything she could about Shanghai because back when she lived here, people didn't talk about history much.

So she has accomplished what she set out to do and she took us on a walk in the Jing An District and we had a great time.

We went to Haushan Hospital and toured their beautiful Garden. I am adding some beautiful photos from there. The turtles were sunning themselves on some sort of pad and another turtle came along - his "friends" didn't even help him get up on the pad - he did it all by himself.

She told us a little bit about healthcare here as her mother is a retired internist. Her father was an attorney.

The wisteria, the urns and the sidewalk was paved in the shape of bats which denote good luck.

We stopped by a Shanghai theatre academy where they train up and coming actors and actresses. Yvette told us it was a huge opportunity to be accepted into this school. There were many students out front of the school dressed to the nines pretending to welcome some delegates. We assumed they were practicing for when the World Expo 2010 comes to Shanghai next year.

She told us a sad story about a well-known actress who lived across the street from the academy. She pointed out the villa where "The White Countess" was filmed with Natasha Richardson. I need to pick up that video next week before I leave Shanghai.

We went by her old house and the high school where she went before she left for Chicago.

I hope you enjoy these photos.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Grocery Shopping with CeCe

Yes, last week I was very busy. Wednesday, CeCe and I went out with Skip. We went to The Pines store in Hongqaio. We don't get there very often because it is far and you really cannot take a taxi there.

We can buy very interesting things there like Bounty paper towels and Jello puddings. Yes, I know you people buy these things every week. But remember, we might have Chinese equivalent items but we can't read the package so we don't know what that might be.

So my purchases last week included:

  • Bounce fabric sheets that have a scent in them - a number 2 scent.

  • Jello chocolate pudding

  • Campbell's tomato soup

  • Canned pineapple

  • French green beans so I can make Green Bean Casserole

  • A beautiful whole chicken minus the head and feet - it was clean, really clean inside

  • Stove Top stuffing mix.

My BIG disappointment was the Mobier cheese that cost 57.80 RMB = $8.25 for a very small piece. I didn't buy it - I'll be at Penn Mac in The Strip on Thursday, April 30th to buy a HUGE piece though.

Yes, that is the photo posted with the blog post. The piece of Mobier cheese - my fav and I had to leave it there.

Yes, I will be better for it - I have experienced a huge letdown but I will recoup and grow in the knowledge that tomorrow is another day - or I will survive!

So long Linda and Reuben

Good morning from Shanghai,

I've been remiss. I was very busy last week and hadn't had a chance to tell you about the wonderful dinner our friends Lisa and Rafaele planned as we said so long to our friends, Linda and Reuben. They are moving back to the West side of the world and we were very sad to see them go. I spent many hours with Linda as she shared her techniques for how to shop and bargain and deal for lots of interesting items here in many markets. We would see Linda everywhere - Commodity Market, Pearl Market, Yu Yuan, SEA, AWCS - we enjoyed her immensely. She is already missed but we know they arrived safely and are awaiting word on their next assignment.

On Monday, April 5th, the 14 friends journeyed to DaMarco's for a WONDERFUL dinner planned by Lisa and Rafaele. Denice, Kirk, Mike and I arrived early because we took a taxi - the other 10 arrived later because they had to come from the Dark Side of town = Pudong. It's not really dark there - it is just over the Huangpu River. You Pittsburghers know that people don't like to cross the river but we do it all the time - there are some very interesting things in Pudong but most of the exciting things happen here on the Puxi side (Mike and I live in Puxi).

DaMarco's is a fabulous Italian restaurant - there are two locations. We usually go to the one at Grand Gateway because it is closer to our apartment.

The fruits of this dinner are - - - Prosecco, in a word. . . and well, lots more goodies to describe to you.

The first course consisted of appetizers that included fried bread that looked like fingers, clams and mussels in garlicky, butter sauce, artichokes, fresh mozzarella, chopped tomatoes and peppers, arugula, roast beef with a mayonnaise, salami, prosciutto, soproseta - OMG - it was fabulous.

Then the pasta arrived in a beautiful red bowl (I must buy one or two before I go home). The waiter cut open the puffy, pizza crust that had been placed over the top of the bowl. Inside was linguine with shrimp, crab, and clams in a tomato sauce. The presentation was over the top.

Another bread bowl was placed beside it with tagliatelle and a wild mushroom and herb ragout.

All this time, the red and white wine flowed and flowed and flowed.

The seafood course was next - although we thought we'd already had it with the clams and mussels and then the linguine but NO - more more more more - salmon and crab and seared tuna.
Next was the veal Marsala over toast points. It was totally amazing - tender and flavorful. I could not believe there was more.

And dessert - well, little donuts dusted with sugar in a lovely custard sauce.

Needless to say, we didn't need to eat on Tuesday

Monday, March 30, 2009

On Top of the World!

Greetings again from Shanghai,

Last week I went to lunch with my American Women's Club friends on the 93rd Floor of the Park Hyatt Hotel at 100 Century Avenue, in Pudong.
CeCe is making some snide remark in the first photo and Denice snapped it but I decided to keep it anyway. In the second photo there is Denice (her back to the view - she's frightened by heights) Ali and Linda. The third photo is the view of The Pearl Tower with the Huangpu River below. There were three cruise ships in port last week. Shanghai is a major stop for the Asian cruises. The river reminds me of the Allegheny River after a Spring rain; muddy and fast flowing.
Linda and her husband are leaving us next week and I will certainly miss her. She has been here six months and has out shopped us all. She's having a "garage sale" next week because she cannot take all her "household goods" and her "Chinese treasures" back with her - only the treasures so those of us left behind will sift through her goods and determine what we cannot live without. We will then toast them next Monday evening at a restaurant here in Puxi. We have spent some great times with her at the Fabric Market, the Pearl Market, the Northern Market, the Commodity Markets and at coffees each month. I hope our paths will cross again.
This lunch turned out to be very nice. It was another sold out event and the restaurant imported all the food for the luncheon. Alaskan Salmon and Australian beef. I had the beef and it was great with very crispy french fries which, in my opinion, is the only way to eat them. No Heinz Ketchup here - it was home made - not my fav but what the heck - some places like to make their own - I'm a Pittsburgh Girl Pure Bred!
Then I promptly got bronchitis for the entire weekend.
We've got a huge April in store - lots of classes, and the Botanical Gardens (Springtime edition). All before I go home in 3 weeks. Hopefully, we can put an end to our living arrangements before this week is out. I hate having that hang over my head.
And I have some shopping to do before I go home. . .

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Grand Day for a Parade!

Greetings from Shanghai!

Well, what more can I say about March 14th? Read on. . . .

When Mike and I decided to move to Shanghai, I really thought we'd not be hanging out celebrating our wedding anniversary like we used to do. Boy, was I wrong. This year turned out to be one of the best yet.

Sure, we've been to New York for the New York St. Patrick's Day Parade which was chilly and very long but very exciting.

We've spent most of the last 30 years at the Pittsburgh St. Patrick's Day Parade. Some years spent on the Boulevard of the Allies just down the street from Froggy Morris's place. Last year we spent St. Patrick's Day Parade with Kate in Market Square and fighting for a rest room at Wendy's on Fifth Avenue. Then onto a fabulous family dinner at Nora and Amy's with great friends and family. I love having dinner with that group!

So this year we were not expecting too much. Boy, was I wrong!

Last September we joined LeCheile, the Irish Community in Shanghai. We went to a fabulous Bar B Q at O'Malley's Irish Pub in September where Denice learned how to play the harmonica - move over Mr. Slaman.

As time went on, we realized that we just had to attend the St. Patrick's Day Ball - I mean, after all - it has been 30 years since our wedding in Beaver, PA and the reason we chose St. Patrick's Day was because; well, we didn't want to forget that day and beside we always wanted to share the day with friends and make it an important one for everyone.

So we volunteered to serve on The Committee for this year's Shanghai St. Patrick's Day parade. What an experience we had - so much fun. We met so many interesting people from all walks of life.

Mike was almost St. Patrick - yes, a promotion from The Pope to St. Patrick but alas; it was not to be. There was an Irish gentleman who showed up with a real beard and he looked quite remarkable - no crozier though. Mike ended up holding the Parade Banner at the beginning of the parade with Sandy and getting sunburned - he's still peeling! He doesn't care - it was great. He so enjoyed the entire experience. Who knew the sun would shine through the pollution this early in the year.

I was a Parade Marshall with a florescent green vest along the parade route but no one in the crowd listened to me anyway - they didn't speak English! And there were no police barricades. You see, there aren't many parades in Shanghai. The organizing committee had to secure clearance from the local governmental jurisdiction and well, there just aren't many parades here. The streets are so crowded with cars and bicycles and motorcycles that a parade just doesn't seem to work. BUT, the Irish never let a small thing like that deter them.

Denice and Elise - the little Italian and Belgium girls painted shamrocks and tri-colors on many many faces. Margaret, Tom and Linda came to lend their support and the parade stepped off. We even met a lovely Irish lass from Pittsburgh - Miss Caitlin who brought Mr. Donut donuts and I ate one for breakfast and they tasted just like the ones back home. SWEEEEEEEETTTTT!

We marched about 6 city blocks in the French Concession up a pedestrian street (sometimes - I have seen cars drive on that street) to a stage where they had an Irish Band flown in from Ireland - a very cute piper who piped the entire route - many Irish organizations - a group of Chinese "alumni" who had traveled to Ireland to attend school in many Irish universities - an Irish "football" league - a Chinese marching band - a Leprechaun, Chinese stilt walkers and clowns - two (2) GREEN Chinese dragons - the consul general of the Irish Republic - all told - about 750 planned marchers. But in the end - there were really many many people who marched in the parade and quite a few of them were Chinese. Why, people were hanging out the windows at Pizza Hut. A good time was had by all.

At the stage - the Irish Community's children performed for the throngs of people and they were absolutely adorable. There were young ladies with painted nails and green hair and green hats of many different shades.

The t-shirts went like hot cakes. The meat pies went like hot cakes. The Murphy's Stout went like water. The Murphy's girls were quite beautiful (just in case you want to know for future reference).

My most memorable experience was the Chinese river dancers. I could not believe how well they danced - their costumes were beautiful and well, the band flown in from Ireland was top notch.

Then we had to make a mad dash to The Blarney Stone with some Shama friends for lunch because God knew when we'd eat later that night at the Ball.

Then I had to run and get my hair washed and blown dry - it cost me about $6 - totally amazing.

Then Cinderella and her Prince Charming were off - read the next post.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Color Analysis vs. Psychological Analysis

Good afternoon everyone!

This is going to be a short entry but I wanted to share about today's Color Analysis Class.

CeCe, Denice and I went to the Community Center today for Florence's Color Analysis Class. It met for two hours and we met some lovely ladies there. A striking Asian beauty, a lovely Canadian, a beautiful Dutch girl and another American who I know from American Women's Club.

We all wanted to have someone tell us what Season we are. First, a little bit about Florence. She studied in Belgium and then came to Shanghai to take some classes here. She's worked for Italian Vogue and she knows her stuff. CeCe and I met her when she took us on the Commodity Market Tour a few weeks ago.

So, we started out learning about warm and cool colors. That progressed into Seasons and from there we talked about what colors look good on us.

I did find out that I'm a Summer. I'm Warm and I tend to wear teals and pinks. I also wear corals and that is from the Spring Season but hell, I'm going to wear them anyway.

If you know me, you know I wear lots of green too. It "used to be" my favorite color - I say "used to be" because it should NOT be in my color palette anymore because it is more Spring. "Hogwash", I say. I'm still going to wear green and coral and salmon as well. They look good on me and I like them.

I did find out I should wear more Purple and Blue so that means I need to go shopping again - darn it anyway - I've been embarrassing Mike way too much!

Hope you all have a great week. Tomorrow CeCe and I will run to the Fabric Market. I don't need anything and I'm not going to get anything else until I lose another 15 pounds. That means I'll be out with Annamae when I get to Lancaster. I need some sandals for summer and some shorts and some camis. Oh boy, maybe I do need my head examined? Or maybe not!

It's Strawberry Festival Time in Shanghai!

Good afternoon all,

I'm pleased to announce that I've been out to City Shop and picked up some beautiful strawberries this afternoon. This little box holds 15 strawberries and cost me about 13 RMB which equals about $1.85. Note that they also have a larger box but I didn't think we could eat the larger box.

They are picture-perfect and you can smell them just as soon as you take the plastic off.

I think I'll make some French Toast with strawberries, dusted with powdered sugar snow for breakfast tomorrow. I could stuff it with cream cheese. Kate sent me a wonderful recipe that she used for St. Patrick's Day Parade Breakfast.

Hope you all aren't too hungry!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Lecture after Lecture . . .

Good afternoon all,

This week was an educational experience all its own.

Monday I had another jewelry class at the Community Center with CeCe.

Tuesday we went to a lecture at Gang Feng Wang's home. He lives in a typical apartment building a short drive west of Shama. Skip (CeCe's driver) took us and made sure we were in the right apartment block before he left us. He's the greatest!

Gang Feng Wang is a 53 year old man who grew up during the Liberation of China. He is a professional fashion photographer but his passion is photographing typical Chinese people in their own elements. He also provides commercial photography for many businesses and companies in Shanghai and China. He is absolutely brilliant and I will have to purchase some of his photographs to bring home. He did provide us with some post cards that I will bring home with me next month so if you plan on seeing me, please ask me to bring them along. They are amazing. His web page is Check out his work. Let me know if you'd like me to bring something home for you.
I have included a photograph of a beautiful "room furnace" that looked like cloisonne and was in the middle of the room at his lovely home. A photograph of Gang's father and my friend Cynthia. Mr. Wang was a delight. He's 85 years young and got all dressed up to meet us. He worked on a Chinese merchant freighter for years traveling the world and his English is quite good; he doesn't think so but it is very good. He loves to sing and serenaded us with a lovely song that brought tears to my eyes. He so reminded me of my own dad, whom I miss so very much.

Gang's wife, Coin Qian, is a lovely young woman who is a contemporary artist here in Shanghai. Her work is basically of Chinese women but I did see some other works in her home. Her web page is .
Needless to say, the Chinese have a wonderful way of welcoming you into their home. There were wonderful dumplings with pork and vegetables and some with chicken and vegetables. Very much like raviolis but different and very good. I ate mine with a fork but our friend, Julie ate hers with chopsticks because she's almost Chinese by now.

Morning with Betty Barr

Good afternoon everyone!

This morning I attended a lecture presented by Betty Barr, PhD. What a lovely lady who shared with us her enthusiasm for Chinese culture and stories about her life in Shanghai.

Betty is married to George Wang and together, they have written three books - Shanghai Boy, Shanghai Girl - Lives in parallel, Between Two Worlds Lessons in Shanghai and another book about the life of Margaret Wang, who was George's first British wife.
I've included two photos here - the first one is a photo of the Old China Hand Reading Room - the location of today's lecture. The second is of Betty addressing the women from the American Women's Club Shanghai who attended. Cookies and tea or coffee were served while Betty shared many stories about her childhood, her life as an expat here in Shanghai teaching English as a Second Language and her marriage to George Wang.

Denice and I attended this lecture and we were so glad we did. We enjoyed the time we spent with Diane Smith Walsh and meeting the others in attendance but Betty was the STAR! The Staff at the Reading Room ran out of Betty's books to sell so Denice and I walked to Taikang Lu to Deke's studio where there were more for sale. We both bought the first two, hoping we could get Betty to sign them but she had left after lunch and we'll have to get them signed soon.
These books hold the history of Shanghai and of three amazing individuals and their stories. I cannot wait to read them, get them signed by the authors and take them home for my Mother to read. I think they will be a highlight of my stay here in Shanghai.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Greetings from Shanghai!

Happy Daylight Savings Time!

Here in China we don't change time - it's always way too far ahead of the rest of you.

Today Mike and I went to Mass and then he came home and was a cranky person - he finished up the paperwork for our 2008 taxes.

I went out to the dry cleaners and I thought you'd be interested in what I saw today.

The first photo is the dental clinic close by. It has a huge tooth out front of the shop. I never see anyone in there and maybe that's a good thing. Today it looks like someone is standing there talking on their cell phone. Maybe they are calling for help. Who knows.
The second photo to your right is the area around the corner. A little old man sells little items here every single day. I tried to buy hair clips here a long time ago and he wanted me to pay a fortune for them. I moved along. He's got inserts for shoes, hair combs, pony-tail holders, panty hose and knee highs.
The next photo is of the little shop where you can get the scrunchies to use with your shower gel and scrubbies for your dishes in the kitchen. Haven't stopped by this shop. I have no clue what the prices are but there seems to be a brisk walk-in trade.
The last photo is the Elephant dry cleaners. You buy a card for 1,000 RMB and take it with you. They give you a 60% or so discount on your dry cleaning and they use the money on the card each week. The information on the card tells them where you live so they can deliver it to you. If we take it to them on Sunday, we usually get it back on Thursday. This week they will deliver it on Wednesday - or cheeng shi san. See, I am leaning something.
I have to cancel the Chinese lesson this week. Mike is leaving Shanghai on Tuesday afternoon for an audit trip to Suzhou. Needless to say, this will be the first time I've been alone in this apartment - alone overnight in Asia period. I'm not liking it but I know Denice and CeCe are upstairs so what can go wrong? He'll be back on Thursday. I'll be so busy during the day that I probably won't even think about it.
Monday I'm going to the Shanghai Expat Association Coffee and a jewelry class - making a bracelet tomorrow.
Tuesday I'm managing the Spencer Dodington walking tour of Yu Yuan. I don't know if it is the gardens or just the tourist trap or even just the area. It is supposed to be a beautiful day so that is good - CeCe and I already took a walk in the rain and it wasn't fun. CeCe and I really like this area and there are lots of shops there. I need to take a curling iron back that I bought last week. I wanted a big fat one and the guy handed me the box and like an idiot, I never looked inside. It turned out to be a wee little skinny one so I was pretty angry once we got back in Skip's van. I paid 45 RMB for it - about $6.25 so I really want to get the right one.
Wednesday we're going to the Fabric Market. I'm the guinea pig this week. Right inside the door is a cotton knit stall and I've been wanting to get some twinsets made so this week I'll pick up two - a black one and a green one. I'll let you know how they look later in the week.
Wednesday night I have a meeting at the Irish Consulate - final plans for the remainder of Irish Week AND the HUGE St. Patrick's Day Parade that will happen this Saturday. You do know that it's the BIGGEST one in China! Just mentioning that the Parade in Pittsburgh is the 2nd largest in the US. I cannot believe we won't be there this year. The first year we haven't been there with Kate. She'll stand in for us though and she's already planning to be at Finnegan's Wake after the parade. Can't wait for photos. I'll share mine next week with you.
I'll be writing another blog shortly about the Opening of Irish Week here in Shanghai. Mike and I belong to LeCheile - the Irish organization here and we spent Saturday afternoon preparing finger food for an art gallery event and the event at the Times Square Mall with the Irish Consular General and the Luwan governor. Stay tuned for those interesting photos. As a tease, I now know where Kate gets her skill at catering - her DAD! He made a great cheese platter - don't miss the photos - eat your heart out Eric!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Shedding Some Light on the Situation

Good morning,

I know, I've been lax in writing BUT I have good reasons. I've been out and about and there are more good posts to come.

Today I'm talking about lighting. Here in Shanghai, it's very poor except at night when you really need it. Oh, okay - It's not poor on the Bund or in Yu Yuan or in Pudong along the River or even on Nanjing Lu where all the scammers are.

It is just poor in my apartment because we only have 8 watt lightbulbs. George Westinghouse would be appalled now, wouldn't he?

Yes, I can get Phillips light bulbs but the ones you see most often are 8 watt - I've added some 24 watt bulbs to my supply and now that I've got my beautiful porcelain lamps, I'll run down to Carrefour to pick up some more. I hate shopping there - the store is dirty and so very crowded. I'd much rather go to City Shop where I know the produce is good and the meat comes from Australia or Japan. Enough about that - more on that later this week because there IS good news on the meat front. . .

Anyway, the East lamp store in Hongqiao is having a MOVING sale - 50% OFF. I had dragged Mike out there a few months ago to see this store - it is absolutely amazing - every size, shape, color of porcelain lamp you can imagine. And furniture too - beautiful pieces - all Chinese in one place.

So CeCe and I were in Hongqiao on one of our many trips with Skip and we were driving by the store and lo and behold there were signs and well - we couldn't stop that day but CeCe and Skip went back later that week which was about 2 weeks ago.

I don't know where I was that day - maybe American Womens Club but she came back to Shama and called me and said, "Come see my lamps". So, I trudged down to the lobby and asked the concierge for permission (I have to do that because my elevator key only goes to the 7th floor and CeCe lives on 30).

She opened her door and showed me the most gorgeous JADE lamps I had ever seen. They were heavy too - very heavy. All I wanted was porcelain and she bought JADE. So, I had to whine a wee bit.

So two weeks ago, we were on an excursion to Hongqiao with Elise and I asked Skip to stop. I found two lamps that have some green (to match my sofas in Pittsburgh) and some gold to match what we have here. They are beautiful - as I'm sure you will agree.
I've tried to show the detail and the lamp shades so you get an idea of what they look like.
Stay tuned - I've got more to show you.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

4th Quarter

Okay - so much for good American football know how!

Winner of the blocks -

1st Quarter - Da - I picked them for him

Half time - Jacques -

3rd Quarter - Lucienne -

What gives with that? I've been a Steeler fan ALL MY LIFE and I cannot even win a few lousy RMB. . . Okay, I don't care - we just gotta win this game.

We're headed into the last quarter

Mr. Fitzgerald is unhappy - the Cardinals have to punt again - nice field position -

Defensive holding - #26 Cardinals - another blatent effort by the Cardinals. . .

Stopped us in the backfield - we gotta keep going - keep that clocking running - let's go BEN

Dockett sacked Ben - - Looked like Darnell Stapleton missed a block -

Nice punt and William Gay hits the receiver dead in his tracks.

Kurt Warner is passing way too much - and his receivers are catching them. that one was good. They only got 5 yards on that catch

We got a holding penalty called on us. The clock stops - we gotta keep that clock going DEFENSE!

Time out Pittsburgh - 8:25 left - LET'S GO DEFENSE. . .

I'm getting nervous - got him on the 2 yard line. 7:48 left in the game

Cardinals scored - Mr. Fitzferald - Ike Taylor let him - we're cutting Mr. Taylor, Suzi!

STEELERS - 20-14

Wish we could see more than the ESPN commercials - I guess we'll have to wait for The TODAY Show to see them. . .

One of the evil Cardinal fans came over to stand here near me - she's got a stupid green and yellow t-shirt on that says "Take a Hike" Plllleeeeezzzzzeeeeeee -

Where is Hines Ward? I don't see him - We've got to get a score on this drive. . . I'd LOVE a TD but hey, I'll take a field goal from Jeff . . .

Willie's not getting much - only 3 yards that play.

The sun is out - go figure - it is coming in the large windows here and the screen is hard to see now. Another sack for Arizona - this has got to stop - that Dockett guy again -

Looks like we're gonna cut that Stapleton guy too, Suzi - gee, we will be busy. .

Heath Miller caught a pass but we've got to punt again. There is 5:56 left in the game and we need an interception NOW!!!

One of those Cardinal people is being smug again - wish they'd leave. . .

We're really gonna get rid of Ike - he just got a 15 yard penalty - Coaches Tomlin and LeBeau - we gotta stop them.

4:38 left in the game - this is killing me. Cardinals just got a huge pass completion.

We need an interception Dad! Please come through for me. . .

Warner threw it away and the Cardinals got another penalty - some guy named Gandy!

Penalties - 11/106 for the Cardinals

Troy came through that time! Whew - let's keep it up . . . . He's the BEST!

Why is NBC showing Cardinal wives?

Arizona is 3rd and 20 - 3:41 left in the game - Arizona drops the ball - thank you Daddy!

OKAY - 3:36 left - we need to hold onto the ball and run it as much as we can - get it into the end zone and - oh gee, now we have it on our own 1 yard line.

FLAG - on us - who did that? - another personal foul - James Harrison - that was another stupid penalty - STOP IT YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Okay -we got it on the 1/2 yard line - Ben passes and Dallas Baker catches a short one.

What happened there? Willie didn't make it out of the endzone - Ben needs to throw the ball OUT of the endzone -

Another 30 minutes to play

Check out the guys in the front row! They are the Cardinal fans - although there are some in the back too - they cannot show their faces - LOL
Can I take all this excitement?

The Boss is dynamite. He's playing lots of great songs and the fireworks look like Shanghai on Chinese New Year Eve!

We are now on the Post-Gazette webpage - so check us out -

Tried to call Suzi but I must have the wrong routing number. Called CeCe - she was in the elevator on her way to The Big Bamboo - that is where her team is watching the game.

Called Ginny - she and Bill are trying to get over the exhaustion after James Harrison's run back. I know I won't be able to talk tomorrow.

Darn that Paula - she made Buffalo Chicken Dip - boy, could I go for some of that right about now.

The menu here is typical football fare - hot dogs - don't know if they are Ball Park Franks - I doubt it. Mac and Cheese - omelets - pancakes - chili - I should have called them with Paula's Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe. I can't find cream cheese here but maybe they can.



ter>Steelers 17:35

Cardinals - 12:25

Five more minutes = 17-7 - we gotta do better - we HAVE to do better - we only have 30 more minutes to prove we are the WORLD CHAMPS.

Gee, I miss my Dad today. I know he's watching over us and he and he's having a cold Rolling Rock with Uncle Mike and probably Aunt Peggy is watching this game with them. I can hear her now . . .Gooooooooooo Steelers - she's yelling it at the top of her lungs. . .

We're gonna start the 3rd quarter. . . hang in there with me - we only have 30 more minutes to put this game to bed. Bed, hey that would be nice since I didn't sleep much last night - went to bed about 9:45 and I woke up at 2 and then again at 4.

We kicked off and they are moving down the field - we gotta stop them. They are running too much - why is that? I think the Cardinals are holding BIG TIME. I'm wondering why the refs aren't seeing it - they are right there.


Just tried to offer my Pittsburghese T-Shirt to Devin - he likes it but not that much. I told hiim Wendy gave it to me and it is one of my prized possessions. He's not buying it - - -

The ref ruled it an incomplete pass - that is NOT right - we cannot get a break!!!!!!

Fast Willie slipped - that's not good - little screen to Santonio - flag on the play - Cardinals - face mask - #29 - another 1st down for the Steelers - sonovabitch!

Nice screen to Spaeth - we gotta keep the clock going and rack up the points - we're now on our own 44 yard line.

I think there is too nmuch nolise - first down to Hines Ward - where has he been? We're on the 50 - another first down for us. Ben threw it away - that was too close -

FLAG - roughing the passer on Arizona - #59 - that guy was a jerk - Dansby is his name - he did it on purpose. This game is starting to get ugly.

Arizona now have 7 BIG penalties - keep them coming . . .

Nice screen to Santonio and another 1st down. We gotta keep going.

I hope my cousin, Brian and Aunt Gert can see this game in Louisville, Kentucky - They've had some bad weather in Kentucky this week and I know Aunt Gert will be wanting to be Pittsburgh Proud.

Nice run Willie - 15 yards - into the HEINZ RED ZONE. Willie got stuck in the backfield. . . Heath Miller's in for the Steelers - He dropped it - geez - - -

It's 9:52 in the morning - 3:44 left in the 3rd quarter - Ben tossed it out of play. . Should be a roughing the passing but they are saying he tossed it out of play and we'll get a penalty for that one -

Jeff Reid's kicking 3

It's now 20-7 -- wait - - -

Flag - personal foul on # 24 - that was blatent.

8 penalties for 81 yards for the Cardinals - that means we are back on the field.

That was damn scary - - -

Now Jeff kicks it because Ben can't get the ball in the end zone. . .

We got a 20-7 STEELERS SCORE

Cardinals have the ball again

2nd Quarter

Hey - in the 1st quarter - Steelers had the ball for 11+ minutes - the Cardinals only had it for a wee bit more than 3 minutes.

We're at 3rd and 1 yard to go.

Da won the first quarter block pool - yipee!

Steelers score a BIG 6 points - Gary Russell! We are a happy group! And Jeff Reid scores the extra point - 10-0 - just like I want it!

Great ESPN commerical!

Calling my mom - Beth better get on the computer. Jimmy's at home watching the game - he almost didn't answer the phone - now he knows it's me calling from Shanghai!

What about you other people? What are you doing while the game is on? Where are you?

Warner's front line is giving him TOO MUCH TIME! He just completed two little short passes. This has got to stop! Darn it - a 1st down for the Cardinals. We gotta step it up - Troy.

Darn - they're in Pittsburgh territory now. Troy missed the guy completely.

Looks like there's a holding penalty on Arizona - it's about TIME! They've been holding for quite sometime. Another pass completion for Warner - Breaston - nice screen pass -

Touchdown Cardinals - #89 - Larry Foote missed a good move -


Okay now, we've got to settle down and score - all the way down the field -

There are some numnuts Cardinals fans sitting in the front row - If it's one thing I cannot stand - it's someone from the other team - you know the kind - they think they know it all - they are now sitting there all smug and looking around - they even have tans - thank goodness they don't look like Bob Carroll!

We are not getting to see the really good commercials - looks like we are only seeing the ESPN commercials - they are okay but where are the Coke and Pepsi commercials

Ben is mixing it up - we are now on the 28 - Fast Willie's got the ball and he got a 1st down - now we're on the 35. Ben put one up intended for Santonio - incomplete.

Ben runs and damn it - holding call on Kemoeatu - where did he learn to play football - Hawaii?

Another flag - encroachment on the Cardinals - #90 - Yipee! 3rd and 17 - Little screen and it's not enough - we gotta punt - NOT GOOD.

BAD punt return - 34 yards - that Breaston guy is good - let's make sure he doesn't get any more yardage. What happened to Special Teams? Where's Cowher when you need him. Lots of people missed him.

Bad man - #23 James - evil guy -15 yard penalty to Cardinals.

Great SACK - Mr. Woodley!!!!!!!


Okay - here we go again -dropped bass to that James guy for Arizona. Another 5 yard penalty for the Cardinals. 5/45 Arizona - 2 penalties for 15 yards. Gee, so glad they gotta punt now. I can't wait for Halftime!

Interception! - DAMN IT - It was tipped - I knew it would happen but the Cardinals are now way down in our territory - we gotta hope time runs out before they can do any damage.

2 minute warning!!!!!

Oh boy - Larry Fitzgerald is in for the Cardinals - and Warner is in the shotgun - He got it off but Ike Taylor almost got the ball - darn it. Didn't - then he misses a crucial tackle - Suzi - we gotta look at him again. . .
And this Fitzgerald guy - he thinks he's Troy Polamalu! What's with that?

Gee, the Cardinals are at the goal - DEFENSE - DEFENSE
Flag on the play - - - - FACEMASK - Mr. Fitzgerald - Troy Polamalu WANNABE!!!!
Thank you JESUS!!!!!
OMG - that crazy Weisenhut is questioning the ref's call - what an idiot!

I'm gonna go find the bathroom!

1st Quarter Phohtos and Commentary

The Americans in this room should be ashamed of themselves! Denice and I were the only ones who stood during Jennifer Hudson's National Anthem. She looked great. Black and gold bracelets. And Faith Hill - she had the right colors on!

Check out the Budweiser cheerleaders - they are wearing the wrong colors - hope they don't cheer the entire time!

OMG - we are moving down the field - Heath Miller with a nice catch. Ben takes it in himself! YEAH!

Sandy and Devin arrive just in time - Devin comes NAKED - I cannot beeeeelieeeveeee he tells me he is NOT a Steeler fan - we will have to change that. Notice that Devin doesn't even want his photo taken - he's skeered! Sandy's got a Steeler hat and a T-Shirt! He's Scotch and a smart cookie - and I don't mean shortbread!

Da's here now and dressed appropriately - I just picked 10 blocks for him in the block pool! And 10 blocks for me too!

OMG - They pulled back Ben's touchdown - what is wrong with these refs! ??????!!!!!!!!!! We've been robbed again.

Pittsburgh on the scoreboard - 3-0 - thanks Jeff Reid!

We've got our towels out and waving - here's to you Myron! YOI and Double YOI!

And now the Cardinals have the ball . . . and they gotta punt!
As you can see - there are Steeler fans in Shanghai

Troy has something in his eye

We've got some movement again - down the field and before the ball is snapped - Willie Colon - gotta stop the mistakes. . .
Nice catch Heath - he's gonna be the man - I can just feel it. And another screen and he's got another 1st down.
And Willie's got a nice run - they are now watching Heath a little closer - we're gonna surprise them. Nice little catch for Santonio - gee, I'm still not convinced he's good for us. . .
1st and goal for the Steelers - nice