Friday, February 20, 2009

Shedding Some Light on the Situation

Good morning,

I know, I've been lax in writing BUT I have good reasons. I've been out and about and there are more good posts to come.

Today I'm talking about lighting. Here in Shanghai, it's very poor except at night when you really need it. Oh, okay - It's not poor on the Bund or in Yu Yuan or in Pudong along the River or even on Nanjing Lu where all the scammers are.

It is just poor in my apartment because we only have 8 watt lightbulbs. George Westinghouse would be appalled now, wouldn't he?

Yes, I can get Phillips light bulbs but the ones you see most often are 8 watt - I've added some 24 watt bulbs to my supply and now that I've got my beautiful porcelain lamps, I'll run down to Carrefour to pick up some more. I hate shopping there - the store is dirty and so very crowded. I'd much rather go to City Shop where I know the produce is good and the meat comes from Australia or Japan. Enough about that - more on that later this week because there IS good news on the meat front. . .

Anyway, the East lamp store in Hongqiao is having a MOVING sale - 50% OFF. I had dragged Mike out there a few months ago to see this store - it is absolutely amazing - every size, shape, color of porcelain lamp you can imagine. And furniture too - beautiful pieces - all Chinese in one place.

So CeCe and I were in Hongqiao on one of our many trips with Skip and we were driving by the store and lo and behold there were signs and well - we couldn't stop that day but CeCe and Skip went back later that week which was about 2 weeks ago.

I don't know where I was that day - maybe American Womens Club but she came back to Shama and called me and said, "Come see my lamps". So, I trudged down to the lobby and asked the concierge for permission (I have to do that because my elevator key only goes to the 7th floor and CeCe lives on 30).

She opened her door and showed me the most gorgeous JADE lamps I had ever seen. They were heavy too - very heavy. All I wanted was porcelain and she bought JADE. So, I had to whine a wee bit.

So two weeks ago, we were on an excursion to Hongqiao with Elise and I asked Skip to stop. I found two lamps that have some green (to match my sofas in Pittsburgh) and some gold to match what we have here. They are beautiful - as I'm sure you will agree.
I've tried to show the detail and the lamp shades so you get an idea of what they look like.
Stay tuned - I've got more to show you.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

4th Quarter

Okay - so much for good American football know how!

Winner of the blocks -

1st Quarter - Da - I picked them for him

Half time - Jacques -

3rd Quarter - Lucienne -

What gives with that? I've been a Steeler fan ALL MY LIFE and I cannot even win a few lousy RMB. . . Okay, I don't care - we just gotta win this game.

We're headed into the last quarter

Mr. Fitzgerald is unhappy - the Cardinals have to punt again - nice field position -

Defensive holding - #26 Cardinals - another blatent effort by the Cardinals. . .

Stopped us in the backfield - we gotta keep going - keep that clocking running - let's go BEN

Dockett sacked Ben - - Looked like Darnell Stapleton missed a block -

Nice punt and William Gay hits the receiver dead in his tracks.

Kurt Warner is passing way too much - and his receivers are catching them. that one was good. They only got 5 yards on that catch

We got a holding penalty called on us. The clock stops - we gotta keep that clock going DEFENSE!

Time out Pittsburgh - 8:25 left - LET'S GO DEFENSE. . .

I'm getting nervous - got him on the 2 yard line. 7:48 left in the game

Cardinals scored - Mr. Fitzferald - Ike Taylor let him - we're cutting Mr. Taylor, Suzi!

STEELERS - 20-14

Wish we could see more than the ESPN commercials - I guess we'll have to wait for The TODAY Show to see them. . .

One of the evil Cardinal fans came over to stand here near me - she's got a stupid green and yellow t-shirt on that says "Take a Hike" Plllleeeeezzzzzeeeeeee -

Where is Hines Ward? I don't see him - We've got to get a score on this drive. . . I'd LOVE a TD but hey, I'll take a field goal from Jeff . . .

Willie's not getting much - only 3 yards that play.

The sun is out - go figure - it is coming in the large windows here and the screen is hard to see now. Another sack for Arizona - this has got to stop - that Dockett guy again -

Looks like we're gonna cut that Stapleton guy too, Suzi - gee, we will be busy. .

Heath Miller caught a pass but we've got to punt again. There is 5:56 left in the game and we need an interception NOW!!!

One of those Cardinal people is being smug again - wish they'd leave. . .

We're really gonna get rid of Ike - he just got a 15 yard penalty - Coaches Tomlin and LeBeau - we gotta stop them.

4:38 left in the game - this is killing me. Cardinals just got a huge pass completion.

We need an interception Dad! Please come through for me. . .

Warner threw it away and the Cardinals got another penalty - some guy named Gandy!

Penalties - 11/106 for the Cardinals

Troy came through that time! Whew - let's keep it up . . . . He's the BEST!

Why is NBC showing Cardinal wives?

Arizona is 3rd and 20 - 3:41 left in the game - Arizona drops the ball - thank you Daddy!

OKAY - 3:36 left - we need to hold onto the ball and run it as much as we can - get it into the end zone and - oh gee, now we have it on our own 1 yard line.

FLAG - on us - who did that? - another personal foul - James Harrison - that was another stupid penalty - STOP IT YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Okay -we got it on the 1/2 yard line - Ben passes and Dallas Baker catches a short one.

What happened there? Willie didn't make it out of the endzone - Ben needs to throw the ball OUT of the endzone -

Another 30 minutes to play

Check out the guys in the front row! They are the Cardinal fans - although there are some in the back too - they cannot show their faces - LOL
Can I take all this excitement?

The Boss is dynamite. He's playing lots of great songs and the fireworks look like Shanghai on Chinese New Year Eve!

We are now on the Post-Gazette webpage - so check us out -

Tried to call Suzi but I must have the wrong routing number. Called CeCe - she was in the elevator on her way to The Big Bamboo - that is where her team is watching the game.

Called Ginny - she and Bill are trying to get over the exhaustion after James Harrison's run back. I know I won't be able to talk tomorrow.

Darn that Paula - she made Buffalo Chicken Dip - boy, could I go for some of that right about now.

The menu here is typical football fare - hot dogs - don't know if they are Ball Park Franks - I doubt it. Mac and Cheese - omelets - pancakes - chili - I should have called them with Paula's Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe. I can't find cream cheese here but maybe they can.



ter>Steelers 17:35

Cardinals - 12:25

Five more minutes = 17-7 - we gotta do better - we HAVE to do better - we only have 30 more minutes to prove we are the WORLD CHAMPS.

Gee, I miss my Dad today. I know he's watching over us and he and he's having a cold Rolling Rock with Uncle Mike and probably Aunt Peggy is watching this game with them. I can hear her now . . .Gooooooooooo Steelers - she's yelling it at the top of her lungs. . .

We're gonna start the 3rd quarter. . . hang in there with me - we only have 30 more minutes to put this game to bed. Bed, hey that would be nice since I didn't sleep much last night - went to bed about 9:45 and I woke up at 2 and then again at 4.

We kicked off and they are moving down the field - we gotta stop them. They are running too much - why is that? I think the Cardinals are holding BIG TIME. I'm wondering why the refs aren't seeing it - they are right there.


Just tried to offer my Pittsburghese T-Shirt to Devin - he likes it but not that much. I told hiim Wendy gave it to me and it is one of my prized possessions. He's not buying it - - -

The ref ruled it an incomplete pass - that is NOT right - we cannot get a break!!!!!!

Fast Willie slipped - that's not good - little screen to Santonio - flag on the play - Cardinals - face mask - #29 - another 1st down for the Steelers - sonovabitch!

Nice screen to Spaeth - we gotta keep the clock going and rack up the points - we're now on our own 44 yard line.

I think there is too nmuch nolise - first down to Hines Ward - where has he been? We're on the 50 - another first down for us. Ben threw it away - that was too close -

FLAG - roughing the passer on Arizona - #59 - that guy was a jerk - Dansby is his name - he did it on purpose. This game is starting to get ugly.

Arizona now have 7 BIG penalties - keep them coming . . .

Nice screen to Santonio and another 1st down. We gotta keep going.

I hope my cousin, Brian and Aunt Gert can see this game in Louisville, Kentucky - They've had some bad weather in Kentucky this week and I know Aunt Gert will be wanting to be Pittsburgh Proud.

Nice run Willie - 15 yards - into the HEINZ RED ZONE. Willie got stuck in the backfield. . . Heath Miller's in for the Steelers - He dropped it - geez - - -

It's 9:52 in the morning - 3:44 left in the 3rd quarter - Ben tossed it out of play. . Should be a roughing the passing but they are saying he tossed it out of play and we'll get a penalty for that one -

Jeff Reid's kicking 3

It's now 20-7 -- wait - - -

Flag - personal foul on # 24 - that was blatent.

8 penalties for 81 yards for the Cardinals - that means we are back on the field.

That was damn scary - - -

Now Jeff kicks it because Ben can't get the ball in the end zone. . .

We got a 20-7 STEELERS SCORE

Cardinals have the ball again

2nd Quarter

Hey - in the 1st quarter - Steelers had the ball for 11+ minutes - the Cardinals only had it for a wee bit more than 3 minutes.

We're at 3rd and 1 yard to go.

Da won the first quarter block pool - yipee!

Steelers score a BIG 6 points - Gary Russell! We are a happy group! And Jeff Reid scores the extra point - 10-0 - just like I want it!

Great ESPN commerical!

Calling my mom - Beth better get on the computer. Jimmy's at home watching the game - he almost didn't answer the phone - now he knows it's me calling from Shanghai!

What about you other people? What are you doing while the game is on? Where are you?

Warner's front line is giving him TOO MUCH TIME! He just completed two little short passes. This has got to stop! Darn it - a 1st down for the Cardinals. We gotta step it up - Troy.

Darn - they're in Pittsburgh territory now. Troy missed the guy completely.

Looks like there's a holding penalty on Arizona - it's about TIME! They've been holding for quite sometime. Another pass completion for Warner - Breaston - nice screen pass -

Touchdown Cardinals - #89 - Larry Foote missed a good move -


Okay now, we've got to settle down and score - all the way down the field -

There are some numnuts Cardinals fans sitting in the front row - If it's one thing I cannot stand - it's someone from the other team - you know the kind - they think they know it all - they are now sitting there all smug and looking around - they even have tans - thank goodness they don't look like Bob Carroll!

We are not getting to see the really good commercials - looks like we are only seeing the ESPN commercials - they are okay but where are the Coke and Pepsi commercials

Ben is mixing it up - we are now on the 28 - Fast Willie's got the ball and he got a 1st down - now we're on the 35. Ben put one up intended for Santonio - incomplete.

Ben runs and damn it - holding call on Kemoeatu - where did he learn to play football - Hawaii?

Another flag - encroachment on the Cardinals - #90 - Yipee! 3rd and 17 - Little screen and it's not enough - we gotta punt - NOT GOOD.

BAD punt return - 34 yards - that Breaston guy is good - let's make sure he doesn't get any more yardage. What happened to Special Teams? Where's Cowher when you need him. Lots of people missed him.

Bad man - #23 James - evil guy -15 yard penalty to Cardinals.

Great SACK - Mr. Woodley!!!!!!!


Okay - here we go again -dropped bass to that James guy for Arizona. Another 5 yard penalty for the Cardinals. 5/45 Arizona - 2 penalties for 15 yards. Gee, so glad they gotta punt now. I can't wait for Halftime!

Interception! - DAMN IT - It was tipped - I knew it would happen but the Cardinals are now way down in our territory - we gotta hope time runs out before they can do any damage.

2 minute warning!!!!!

Oh boy - Larry Fitzgerald is in for the Cardinals - and Warner is in the shotgun - He got it off but Ike Taylor almost got the ball - darn it. Didn't - then he misses a crucial tackle - Suzi - we gotta look at him again. . .
And this Fitzgerald guy - he thinks he's Troy Polamalu! What's with that?

Gee, the Cardinals are at the goal - DEFENSE - DEFENSE
Flag on the play - - - - FACEMASK - Mr. Fitzgerald - Troy Polamalu WANNABE!!!!
Thank you JESUS!!!!!
OMG - that crazy Weisenhut is questioning the ref's call - what an idiot!

I'm gonna go find the bathroom!

1st Quarter Phohtos and Commentary

The Americans in this room should be ashamed of themselves! Denice and I were the only ones who stood during Jennifer Hudson's National Anthem. She looked great. Black and gold bracelets. And Faith Hill - she had the right colors on!

Check out the Budweiser cheerleaders - they are wearing the wrong colors - hope they don't cheer the entire time!

OMG - we are moving down the field - Heath Miller with a nice catch. Ben takes it in himself! YEAH!

Sandy and Devin arrive just in time - Devin comes NAKED - I cannot beeeeelieeeveeee he tells me he is NOT a Steeler fan - we will have to change that. Notice that Devin doesn't even want his photo taken - he's skeered! Sandy's got a Steeler hat and a T-Shirt! He's Scotch and a smart cookie - and I don't mean shortbread!

Da's here now and dressed appropriately - I just picked 10 blocks for him in the block pool! And 10 blocks for me too!

OMG - They pulled back Ben's touchdown - what is wrong with these refs! ??????!!!!!!!!!! We've been robbed again.

Pittsburgh on the scoreboard - 3-0 - thanks Jeff Reid!

We've got our towels out and waving - here's to you Myron! YOI and Double YOI!

And now the Cardinals have the ball . . . and they gotta punt!
As you can see - there are Steeler fans in Shanghai

Troy has something in his eye

We've got some movement again - down the field and before the ball is snapped - Willie Colon - gotta stop the mistakes. . .
Nice catch Heath - he's gonna be the man - I can just feel it. And another screen and he's got another 1st down.
And Willie's got a nice run - they are now watching Heath a little closer - we're gonna surprise them. Nice little catch for Santonio - gee, I'm still not convinced he's good for us. . .
1st and goal for the Steelers - nice

Here We GO! - Pregame

Good morning Steeler Nation!

LIVE from Shanghai - It's Monday morning - February 2nd.

It's 54 degrees and overcast but that cannot dampen the spirits of the Steeler faithful!


Here's Denice and Mike and Mark and Kirk! Kirk is readying the betting slips!

Mr. Chen and David brought us here before dawn.

Looks like we are not getting the NBC feed here. It looks like this feed is coming from The Philippines!

The room is filling up - there are some Cardinals fans here too - it will be very uncomfortable for them - I will TRY and be a good girl!