Sunday, October 5, 2008

Korean Folk Village

This was a real treat for us. There were tons of Korean kids in matching outfits denoting their schools running around everywhere. They were absolutely adorable and we enjoyed their greetings and their requests for our photos - YES, they asked if they could take our photos with their cell phone cameras! We were touched.

We met a nice young man who is a teacher at one of the schools. He's from Connecticut and he was extremely proud of his students.

Then we met another young man who was from Los Angeles, California who was visiting Seoul for a conference. He was waiting for his friend to text him the score from the Pittsburgh - Baltimore game. When he got the score - it was not to our advantage and I was so worried about what the end of the game would bring. Kate went to the game and she must have fallen asleep without texting the final score - we didn't know for two days that we WON! Hey Mr. Rooney - you need Alan Faneca back!

I'm adding quite a few photos here - I still haven't mastered posting photos - in the right order as you can see from the previous posting but hey, I know you are all smart people and you'll find the right photo and match it with the right paragraph.

There is a photo of a woman who is spinning silk. And a photo of a woman who helped me in the gift shop. I bought a lovely wallet and some magnets for Kate and Katie Mo's refrigerator. I hope I remember to bring them home with me.

You'll also see some photos of the farmer dancers who have drums and these really neat. Then we went to a Traditional Korean Wedding ceremony. It was very interesting. The groom has blue on and the bride has little red dots on her cheeks. She is pictured here with her attendants. Then they put her in a really neat box that some groomsmen carry. Her new husband rides alongside her on a horse. In that photo, Mike and I are standing in front of the groom -he's behind us on his horse. It was so wonderful.

I think Mike really enjoyed me meeting his Korean friends. I so liked them all - I wish I could have seen DY and met his wife, Okhee - he is such a gentleman. DY - Get Well Soon!

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