Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well, it's over!
Thank Goodness! No more political ads - no more robot phone calls!

I'm not happy about this election but from what I've heard in the last 30 minutes, I think President-elect Obama WILL reach across the aisle, choosing capable individuals to head up his Cabinet. It looks like he will work with competent, educated men and women who know their business.

He'll need all the help he can get! Only time will tell but let's just hope and pray that things look UP! It can't go anywhere but UP as far as I'm concerned.

I've been checking the election results in Allegheny and Beaver Counties and it looks like the other people I voted for have won their seats - Jason Altmire, (when will Melissa Hart give up?), Tom Corbett, Tony DeLuca. Yes, there are two Democrats and a Republican - I cannot vote straight party - it should NOT be an option for any American - I don't care what you say Miss Y!

I spent this morning at the Hilton Hotel where the American Chamber of Commerce and the American Women's Club hosted a party for Americans in Shanghai. Check out the photos! I saw many Chinese here too. Lots of women which is what I expected because we are always up for a party; but there were many men there too who I assume decided to play hooky and share their political views with others. McCain and Obama showed up - check out the photo above!

The Hilton is a beautiful hotel - this was my first time there. Lovely lobby and of course, they won me over with the calla lillies and the hydrangea.

They had Blue and Red M & M's so that was fun. AmCham provided some cheap US Flags and some cute hats too. The McCain and Obama buttons were plentiful and I think the Chinese enjoyed the excitement, as well. The US Consulate Public Affairs Department provided some really great handbooks to help the Chinese understand the election process. I grabbed three up for our drivers and staff.

I saw lots of babies and elementary school children whose parents thought it would be great for them to experience this once-in-a-lifetime event first hand. And there were lots of college students whooping it up.

We watched CNN as the polls closed and I was amazed that Pennsylvania was called so early. Way too early as far as I was concerned - I'm sure Wendy hadn't even closed the District One poll at Plum High School. The turnout in Allegheny County was very high. I think it was high all over the country.
I just checked Allegheny County records and Plum has yet to provide all results. I bet District 19 - also at the High School -couldn't close their poll - they have trouble every time!
Do I miss being in Pittsburgh for this election? NO WAY. I don't miss the phone calls because I'm getting them here. I don't miss the TV commercials either because I'm watching Slingbox here. AND, I don't miss the mud slinging one bit.
As I said above - time will tell - and we still have two more months of George W.
God Bless Us All!

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