Monday, December 22, 2008

The Windy City

December 12th we landed in The Windy City. We flew in on an American flight that was a dream. I took a sleeping pill and slept 8 of the 12 hours airborne. The food was good and the champagne was better. Julian was the flight attendant - he's from Taiwan - and he was so nice. We were early - if you can believe it - early into Chicago and they didn't lose our luggage.

My Uncle Joe and favorite cousin Carl arrived shortly after Immigration to transport us to Palatine and the fun began.

Saturday morning we treked over to the Woodfield Mall and picked up the sweaters and long sleeve shirts we had to get to survive Winter in the US. Great sales - I'd heard the stores were discounting but they were great. If only I could get Liz Claiborne sweaters in China; they make Liz there - you just can't get Liz there - they export all the good stuff.

Then it was to the Verizon Store to activate my "pay as you go" US cell phone. Unfortunately, I couldn't get my old number and I had to buy a new Samsung phone but it all worked out.

Jet lag is my friend - I kept saying that, thinking that maybe it would be over soon but not for me or Mike. We took a nap and ended up going to Mass the next Morning. Then it was off to dinner at a really great place called Milrose with Aunt Frankie, Uncle Joe and Cousin Joan. Great meal - great wine - great conversation. Lots of laughs too. Joan recommended Melatonin and it worked. We got some sleep that night.

Sunday we ambled on over to St. Theresa's and then it was off to Joan's for a family holiday party and the Steeler game. Brother Jim and Anne showed up and a good time was had by all. Monday came way too soon.

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