Monday, March 23, 2009

Color Analysis vs. Psychological Analysis

Good afternoon everyone!

This is going to be a short entry but I wanted to share about today's Color Analysis Class.

CeCe, Denice and I went to the Community Center today for Florence's Color Analysis Class. It met for two hours and we met some lovely ladies there. A striking Asian beauty, a lovely Canadian, a beautiful Dutch girl and another American who I know from American Women's Club.

We all wanted to have someone tell us what Season we are. First, a little bit about Florence. She studied in Belgium and then came to Shanghai to take some classes here. She's worked for Italian Vogue and she knows her stuff. CeCe and I met her when she took us on the Commodity Market Tour a few weeks ago.

So, we started out learning about warm and cool colors. That progressed into Seasons and from there we talked about what colors look good on us.

I did find out that I'm a Summer. I'm Warm and I tend to wear teals and pinks. I also wear corals and that is from the Spring Season but hell, I'm going to wear them anyway.

If you know me, you know I wear lots of green too. It "used to be" my favorite color - I say "used to be" because it should NOT be in my color palette anymore because it is more Spring. "Hogwash", I say. I'm still going to wear green and coral and salmon as well. They look good on me and I like them.

I did find out I should wear more Purple and Blue so that means I need to go shopping again - darn it anyway - I've been embarrassing Mike way too much!

Hope you all have a great week. Tomorrow CeCe and I will run to the Fabric Market. I don't need anything and I'm not going to get anything else until I lose another 15 pounds. That means I'll be out with Annamae when I get to Lancaster. I need some sandals for summer and some shorts and some camis. Oh boy, maybe I do need my head examined? Or maybe not!

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