Saturday, March 29, 2008

The chaos has begun! Our ad in the Pennysaver created a few calls but not much else. So today I posted some things on Already got some hits. Hope they incrase.

So yesterday was Friday and the perfect end of the Perfect Week. I was called to Jury Duty at the Allegheny County Court House. Needless to say, they begin by thanking you for your service and encouraging you to make yourself available for 2-5 days as that is the possible length of the cases that are scheduled for that day. They request that if you cannot avail yourself for that many days, you are to approch the bench. So, I figured - I'm moving to China, I'm still working and I need to step up the pace of what I sort through and get things out of the house. So, I cautiously approach the bench and the supervisor takes my summons and asks me to sit in the center of the room. Shortly we are instructed to move to the Jury Lounge - not really a lounge at all - just a room with tables and uncomfortable chairs and a TV that has Montel Williams on it. Not my idea of a fun day. Needless to say, I wasted an entire day there - hauling in a huge sum of $14.88. I run back to the office and finish my day before jumping on the bus home.

Kate and I enjoy dinner at Bravo in North Hills while Mike attends the K of C's Pittsburgh Chapter meeting in Sewickley. Then I'm home to sort and purge.

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