Saturday, March 29, 2008

Relocation Company Angst

Okay - so last Wednesday we received the 5 megabite document from the Weichhert Relocation Services people. Talk about overload. . . I was very excited prior to that. Now, I'm just overwhelmed! We registered on Thursday night with Cartus who scheduled a conference call with the relocation specialist for Friday at 3:30 pm.

She blew us off and now we're re-scheduled for Monday, March 31st at 2 pm. Maybe by then my anxiety will peak and I'll feel better about everything we have to do BEFORE we leave. The timeline is 8 weeks. The offer letter says the effective date is May 1. Our cruise is May 25-June 1.

In the meantime, Eric Johnson is throwing a K of C Good Bye Party for us on Friday, April 18th at St. Joe's School in Verona. It might be the last time we see some of our Western Pennsylvania K of C friends for quite some time. I'm still wondering if we'll be traveling to Lancaster for the Convention the first weekend of May. Could be YES, Mike won't want to miss it. I think we'll be still sorting through the myriad of magazines, books, family heirlooms and such. Mike is an only child and when his parents died, we threw lots of things from his childhood home, but lots were brought here to our house in Plum. And so now we have to look through that as well. Mike is not a purger like me. This move will be very interesting.

I've called 3 real estate agents based on suggestions from friends. I've scheduled two of them to come and look over the house. Then last night about 9:30, a Coldwell Banker agent called to tell me that Cartus had suggested she call us. Cartus is one of the relocation companies assigned to us. They provide great benefits for people registered in their relocation program. So this is probably the agent we'll be using. Coldwell Banker doesn't apply certain fees for these customers. Lots of work I could have just done without. . .

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