Friday, August 8, 2008

Kate Lynch Lands in Shanghai!

Kate ARRIVED Sunday evening safe and sound! Monday morning, our driver, Mr. Chen took us to the flower market and to the Chinese immigration office where Mike and I had our physicals last April. This is where the ultrasound technician found my gallstones. I wanted to present her a little thank you gift for finding my stomach problem and giving me the time to have the surgery in the States. She was lovely and so appreciative. I don't think many people stop back to this intimidating government location. The entire staff knew we were there as she was thanking us and thanking us profusely. Sophia, the young lady from Fraggomen, the immigration attorney's office met us there and became our translator. She told us that the staff is not permitted to accept gifts. She then took us "to their leader" who we think is their boss. He was not dressed in scrubs but in a military uniform and he spoke some English. I explained why we had come and he told me he would let her keep the gift because it was not large and nothing significant - just some lavender bath products from Bath & Body Works. I've included a photo so you can see how happy she is.

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