Friday, August 8, 2008

Shopping with Kate AND Mike

Wednesday, Mr. Chen took Kate and I to the Renaissance Yantze so she could meet the catering manager. We had a lovely breakfast and then met the sales manager who showed us the property. Then we were off to the knock-off markets at the Hongqiao Pearl Market. When we got there, the store I've been to twice had their curtain drawn. I peeked in and the woman wasn't there. Then a man came and said there was a huge police presence and she was in the back room. He opened the curtain and we entered and he opened the false door to The Back Room where Kate bought two Coach bags for some good friends. Then she opened The Back Back Room and we were amazed at the beautiful large leather Gucci and Prada bags. Not in our price range. We went downstairs and she bought two packages of chopsticks - 20 sets in all for about US$12. Then we went to see Alina, the Pearl Goddess who made my scattered string of pearls and earings two weeks ago. She remembered what I had bought. I was amazed. She was whining at some cheap German tourists but she made a string and earrings for Kate and some earrings for some friends of hers.

We jumped back in the van for the short trip to visit Mike's office and Kate got to see the "company cafeteria". I've already been there and had NO desire to see it again. . . nor to smell it again. . . actually, I don't want to experience it again ever. So Mr. Chen took us to our favorite Israeli restaurant and then home so Mike could change clothes. Then off to #1 Fabric Market so Mike could get measured for some dress shirts. He ordered five and they'll be ready next Wednesday - usually a week leadtime. I guess I'll just have to grab a cab and go down there to pick them up and maybe pick up a little something for myself along the way. Then off to Yuan Garden so we could take more photos and pick up some additional gifts for Kate's friends. She's got so many! We saw lots of interesting things here.

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