Monday, January 26, 2009

Dragon and Lion Dance

Good evening everyone!

Today was the first day of the new year. Mike and I slept in because, well, we were up 1/2 the night with all the fire power going on around us.

Cathy R - I keep thinking about how you would have enjoyed this evening. The cultural experience is alive and well and we are so enjoying it.
We decided to check out the Dragon and Lion Dance over in Xintandi. So we rounded up the Westinghouse team that is still here - Manny, Jacques and Lucienne, Sue and Ulhas and grabbed the subway for the journey to Xintandi - about a 20 minute trip.

We arrived and had a coffee at Coffee Leaf and Bean because it was really cold outside. Then we checked out the latest decorations.
The last photo is of Manny and Mike with the lion heads between them.
The next one is of Mike and the man who passed out the hong bao - the red envelopes with the gifts in them. We were fortunate as we received some great gifts. Some of us received gift vouchers from Lawry's and some others received some coupons for a discount at Simply Thai - a great Thai restaurant - I'll think about you when we go there Matty! I might even try some Indian food next week.
The photo above that the man who led the dragon dance - there were maybe 10 guys pulling the dragon through the plaza.
The top photo is of the lions who performed the last portion.
After the dancing was over - we ambled over to the Dumpling House and ate dumplings, wonton soup, fried rice and vegetables with garlic. Yum, Yum - it was the best meal I've had in Shanghai! It cost about $100 for 7 of us - not too bad!
Stay tuned for more exciting events this week. Tuesday, Mike and I are going to the 2010 Expo site for a tour. Wednesday we are probably going to the Shanghai Museum or to Pudong. Thursday we're off to Hanzhou with David, one of the (W) drivers. Friday, it's the Shanghai Circus - better than Cirque de Soleil from what I'm hearing.
Lots to see during the Spring Festival or Chinese New year - we're going to experience all of it.

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