Friday, January 23, 2009

Porcelain Lecture

Good afternoon all,

On the 15th of January, I attended a lecture on Chinese porcelain at the Shanghai Museum. It was without a doubt, a highlight of my last six months here in China. Mr. Joe Zhou is an English-speaking curator with 13 years experience working with the Solomon Guggenheim Foundation in China and he is now involved with the Shanghai Museum and the Shanghai Moca.
The lecture took place at the Shanghai Museum. As you can see, it was a bright, sunny day in Shanghai. He spoke about the many pieces in their collection talked about the history of porcelain, how it is made, how they get the beautiful, bright colors they get and about a tour sponsored by the Shanghai Expatriate Association to Jingdezhen - the city synonymous with Chinese Porcelain.
The tour will be March 27-29 and Denice, CeCe and I are thinking about going. It should be a fabulous tour, especially at that time of the year when the weather is warmer.
I've been making some jewelry and would love to center more of it on porcelain versus pearls and jade. I've been scouring the Pearl Market for porcelain pieces but haven't found the items I'm looking for. Maybe when it warms up a bit later next week, I can run to the Commodity Market with Mike. This should be a huge adventure for him. I want to take some photos to document his face once he sees for himself how exciting it can be. It is near Yu Yuan Garden which always proves to be great for people watching!

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