Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jing An Temple

Happy Chinese New Year from the Jing An Temple

I'm including lots of photos as I know you will be interested to hear about the customs and traditions of the Chinese people during the Spring Festival.

You will see the beautiful photos of the temple with the gold leaf lions' heads. Check out the huge bronze piece sitting in the courtyard. The participants toss coins into the bronze piece - if your coin goes in, you are guaranteed prosperity in the New Year.

Check out the brazier in the courtyard. Participants pay to purchase incense to burn and pray to Buddha.

The gold Buddha is absolutely beautiful. There were many people waiting to get into this special room where they offer fruit and vegetables and money - of course - to Buddha praying that they will be richly rewarded.

You also see a bronze piece that is placed on the staircase leading to the big temple room. There are actually two of these pieces - one is a dragon and one is a phoenix. People are rubbing their hands on them before and after they enter and leave the big temple room. There are actually three rooms with three different Buddhas. In the largest room is the dark bronze Buddha.

The huge bell is in the corner of the big temple room. Please notice all the beautiful wood carvings to the right above the bell.

Mike and I thoroughly enjoyed witnessing the religious customs and traditions of Chinese Buddhists.

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