Sunday, February 1, 2009

1st Quarter Phohtos and Commentary

The Americans in this room should be ashamed of themselves! Denice and I were the only ones who stood during Jennifer Hudson's National Anthem. She looked great. Black and gold bracelets. And Faith Hill - she had the right colors on!

Check out the Budweiser cheerleaders - they are wearing the wrong colors - hope they don't cheer the entire time!

OMG - we are moving down the field - Heath Miller with a nice catch. Ben takes it in himself! YEAH!

Sandy and Devin arrive just in time - Devin comes NAKED - I cannot beeeeelieeeveeee he tells me he is NOT a Steeler fan - we will have to change that. Notice that Devin doesn't even want his photo taken - he's skeered! Sandy's got a Steeler hat and a T-Shirt! He's Scotch and a smart cookie - and I don't mean shortbread!

Da's here now and dressed appropriately - I just picked 10 blocks for him in the block pool! And 10 blocks for me too!

OMG - They pulled back Ben's touchdown - what is wrong with these refs! ??????!!!!!!!!!! We've been robbed again.

Pittsburgh on the scoreboard - 3-0 - thanks Jeff Reid!

We've got our towels out and waving - here's to you Myron! YOI and Double YOI!

And now the Cardinals have the ball . . . and they gotta punt!
As you can see - there are Steeler fans in Shanghai

Troy has something in his eye

We've got some movement again - down the field and before the ball is snapped - Willie Colon - gotta stop the mistakes. . .
Nice catch Heath - he's gonna be the man - I can just feel it. And another screen and he's got another 1st down.
And Willie's got a nice run - they are now watching Heath a little closer - we're gonna surprise them. Nice little catch for Santonio - gee, I'm still not convinced he's good for us. . .
1st and goal for the Steelers - nice

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