Sunday, February 1, 2009

2nd Quarter

Hey - in the 1st quarter - Steelers had the ball for 11+ minutes - the Cardinals only had it for a wee bit more than 3 minutes.

We're at 3rd and 1 yard to go.

Da won the first quarter block pool - yipee!

Steelers score a BIG 6 points - Gary Russell! We are a happy group! And Jeff Reid scores the extra point - 10-0 - just like I want it!

Great ESPN commerical!

Calling my mom - Beth better get on the computer. Jimmy's at home watching the game - he almost didn't answer the phone - now he knows it's me calling from Shanghai!

What about you other people? What are you doing while the game is on? Where are you?

Warner's front line is giving him TOO MUCH TIME! He just completed two little short passes. This has got to stop! Darn it - a 1st down for the Cardinals. We gotta step it up - Troy.

Darn - they're in Pittsburgh territory now. Troy missed the guy completely.

Looks like there's a holding penalty on Arizona - it's about TIME! They've been holding for quite sometime. Another pass completion for Warner - Breaston - nice screen pass -

Touchdown Cardinals - #89 - Larry Foote missed a good move -


Okay now, we've got to settle down and score - all the way down the field -

There are some numnuts Cardinals fans sitting in the front row - If it's one thing I cannot stand - it's someone from the other team - you know the kind - they think they know it all - they are now sitting there all smug and looking around - they even have tans - thank goodness they don't look like Bob Carroll!

We are not getting to see the really good commercials - looks like we are only seeing the ESPN commercials - they are okay but where are the Coke and Pepsi commercials

Ben is mixing it up - we are now on the 28 - Fast Willie's got the ball and he got a 1st down - now we're on the 35. Ben put one up intended for Santonio - incomplete.

Ben runs and damn it - holding call on Kemoeatu - where did he learn to play football - Hawaii?

Another flag - encroachment on the Cardinals - #90 - Yipee! 3rd and 17 - Little screen and it's not enough - we gotta punt - NOT GOOD.

BAD punt return - 34 yards - that Breaston guy is good - let's make sure he doesn't get any more yardage. What happened to Special Teams? Where's Cowher when you need him. Lots of people missed him.

Bad man - #23 James - evil guy -15 yard penalty to Cardinals.

Great SACK - Mr. Woodley!!!!!!!


Okay - here we go again -dropped bass to that James guy for Arizona. Another 5 yard penalty for the Cardinals. 5/45 Arizona - 2 penalties for 15 yards. Gee, so glad they gotta punt now. I can't wait for Halftime!

Interception! - DAMN IT - It was tipped - I knew it would happen but the Cardinals are now way down in our territory - we gotta hope time runs out before they can do any damage.

2 minute warning!!!!!

Oh boy - Larry Fitzgerald is in for the Cardinals - and Warner is in the shotgun - He got it off but Ike Taylor almost got the ball - darn it. Didn't - then he misses a crucial tackle - Suzi - we gotta look at him again. . .
And this Fitzgerald guy - he thinks he's Troy Polamalu! What's with that?

Gee, the Cardinals are at the goal - DEFENSE - DEFENSE
Flag on the play - - - - FACEMASK - Mr. Fitzgerald - Troy Polamalu WANNABE!!!!
Thank you JESUS!!!!!
OMG - that crazy Weisenhut is questioning the ref's call - what an idiot!

I'm gonna go find the bathroom!

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