Sunday, February 1, 2009

4th Quarter

Okay - so much for good American football know how!

Winner of the blocks -

1st Quarter - Da - I picked them for him

Half time - Jacques -

3rd Quarter - Lucienne -

What gives with that? I've been a Steeler fan ALL MY LIFE and I cannot even win a few lousy RMB. . . Okay, I don't care - we just gotta win this game.

We're headed into the last quarter

Mr. Fitzgerald is unhappy - the Cardinals have to punt again - nice field position -

Defensive holding - #26 Cardinals - another blatent effort by the Cardinals. . .

Stopped us in the backfield - we gotta keep going - keep that clocking running - let's go BEN

Dockett sacked Ben - - Looked like Darnell Stapleton missed a block -

Nice punt and William Gay hits the receiver dead in his tracks.

Kurt Warner is passing way too much - and his receivers are catching them. that one was good. They only got 5 yards on that catch

We got a holding penalty called on us. The clock stops - we gotta keep that clock going DEFENSE!

Time out Pittsburgh - 8:25 left - LET'S GO DEFENSE. . .

I'm getting nervous - got him on the 2 yard line. 7:48 left in the game

Cardinals scored - Mr. Fitzferald - Ike Taylor let him - we're cutting Mr. Taylor, Suzi!

STEELERS - 20-14

Wish we could see more than the ESPN commercials - I guess we'll have to wait for The TODAY Show to see them. . .

One of the evil Cardinal fans came over to stand here near me - she's got a stupid green and yellow t-shirt on that says "Take a Hike" Plllleeeeezzzzzeeeeeee -

Where is Hines Ward? I don't see him - We've got to get a score on this drive. . . I'd LOVE a TD but hey, I'll take a field goal from Jeff . . .

Willie's not getting much - only 3 yards that play.

The sun is out - go figure - it is coming in the large windows here and the screen is hard to see now. Another sack for Arizona - this has got to stop - that Dockett guy again -

Looks like we're gonna cut that Stapleton guy too, Suzi - gee, we will be busy. .

Heath Miller caught a pass but we've got to punt again. There is 5:56 left in the game and we need an interception NOW!!!

One of those Cardinal people is being smug again - wish they'd leave. . .

We're really gonna get rid of Ike - he just got a 15 yard penalty - Coaches Tomlin and LeBeau - we gotta stop them.

4:38 left in the game - this is killing me. Cardinals just got a huge pass completion.

We need an interception Dad! Please come through for me. . .

Warner threw it away and the Cardinals got another penalty - some guy named Gandy!

Penalties - 11/106 for the Cardinals

Troy came through that time! Whew - let's keep it up . . . . He's the BEST!

Why is NBC showing Cardinal wives?

Arizona is 3rd and 20 - 3:41 left in the game - Arizona drops the ball - thank you Daddy!

OKAY - 3:36 left - we need to hold onto the ball and run it as much as we can - get it into the end zone and - oh gee, now we have it on our own 1 yard line.

FLAG - on us - who did that? - another personal foul - James Harrison - that was another stupid penalty - STOP IT YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Okay -we got it on the 1/2 yard line - Ben passes and Dallas Baker catches a short one.

What happened there? Willie didn't make it out of the endzone - Ben needs to throw the ball OUT of the endzone -

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